Industry signs looking up at AirCargo conference

The AirCargo conference in Las Vegas brought some good news to air freight companies.

While much of the recent focus in the shipping industry is placed upon budget cuts due to the federal government sequestration and disappointing air freight numbers, this year's AirCargo 2013 conference in Las Vegas showed signs of optimism from many in the industry.

According to many of the attendees, the air freight industry seems to be picking up in recent months due to a variety of factors, AirCargoWorld reported. Paul Butler, president and CEO of Four Star Cargo out of Miami, said that business was picking up in the South American and Caribbean markets. Meanwhile, Richard Fisher, president of Boston-based Falcon Global Edge, stated that overall growth will continue into the rest of the year as the economy continues to improve.

"We are upbeat and positive," Fisher said to the news source. "In many parts of the world, air cargo rates have come down to the point where there are realistic options between surface and air carriage, but any hiccup could upset that."

However, another one of the encouraging factors cited by attendees was the further incorporation of technologies such as logistics software and damage trace detection technology.

"Technology is evolving rapidly, and the pace of change is accelerating. IT will continue to play a large and increasing role in our industry," said David Beatson, head of Ascent Advisors.

What does this mean for the industry?

This is a tough time for shipping facilities, who are forced to deal with harsh budget constraints while trying to innovate and push the industry forward. An increase in cargo rates is a positive sign for companies, but a positive outlook could not have come at a better time for those who are struggling to keep their staffs afloat.

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