Industry looking to add paperless transportation logistics software

Cargo companies hope to eliminate paperwork like this with the new agreement.

There's good news coming for air freight companies looking to add logistics software solutions to their operations. As we've previously reported on this blog, companies have made efforts to further integrate paperless processes into the shipping sector. Now, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reached a major milestone in that effort, agreeing to present a multilateral electronic e-Air Waybill (e-AWB) for submission to the federal government.

According to AirCargoWorld, IATA is looking to get a 30-day expedited approval for the agreement in order to move ahead on changes that would incorporate greater amounts of paperless technology into the cargo industry. The end goal of the deal is for shipping companies to completely transition to a paperless system for agreements between forwarders.

"Following a year-long development process culminating in three months of trials that involved 15 carriers and eight forwarders, the IATA/FIATA Consultative Council (IFCC) endorsed the multilateral e-AWB agreement in February with some minor amendments," AirCargoWorld reported. "IATA formally adopted the agreement as its new Resolution 672 at the 35th Cargo Services Conference (CSC/35) in Doha, immediately ahead of the World Cargo Symposium."

Since legal proceedings to push the agreement forward began last October, companies began to see the advantages of paperless logistics software. Ultimately, IATA hopes that this agreement and user attitudes will propel the industry towards a complete transition to paperless by 2015.

Before this agreement, companies were forced to agree to and sign thousands of individual agreements between forwarders, costing them valuable time and resources. After overcoming legal and procedural problems, though, the companies that joined forces to present the agreement expect it to get into effect by mid-2013.

While paperless strategies won't be fully integrated across the industry for a couple years, air cargo companies can still invest in logistics software like CargoSnapshot to improve receiving efficiency and accuracy today.

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