Global air freight industry sees April growth

Air freight carriers saw modest year-over-year growth in April.

The global air freight industry experienced modest year-over-year growth in April, which helped to offset the more sluggish growth recorded in March.

According to an article on Air Cargo World, air freight markets grew 1.4 percent between April 2012 and April 2013. Though this does not necessarily mean that the struggling industry has returned to stable growth, it appears that a major slowdown has been avoided for now.

"We saw a brief rally in cargo markets at the end of 2012," said Tony Tyler, International Air Transport Association director general and CEO. "But that has clearly stalled. Fortunately, the small improvement in April means that economic conditions have not deteriorated to the point of starting a market contraction."

The largest growth occurred in Latin America. The article states that the region saw more than 12 percent year-over-year growth in April, well above the slight loss it recorded in March. This has been attributed to growth in perishable exports, as well as increased domestic demand. The second fastest-growing region was the Middle East, according to the article. Thanks to the opening of new carrier lines, the region saw nearly 10 percent growth in March and 8 percent growth in April.

Africa is also becoming a prominent area for the air freight industry, and carriers are expanding within the country. Air Cargo World recently reported that AfricaWest will open operations this month in Douala, Cameroon and Brazzaville, Congo and Pointe-Noir, Congo.

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