Lufthansa Cargo tests paperless airfreight documentation

Lufthansa Cargo is launching their electronic documentation system in Germany to see if it can work across all connections.

Companies in the logistics industry are working toward becoming more global than ever before through partnerships with multiple providers, as well as the adoption of omnichannel shipping options. Given these changes, it is becoming more difficult to organize related documentation.

In a single day, a port may come across hundreds of transfers or cargo damages. Regardless of the shape of the packages, security officials must document each order that visits their site. While interoperability with multiple cargo vendors may expedite operations, it can possibly increase the amount of risk that is involved with transporting these parcels.

Lufthansa, one of Europe's major air carriers, is working to mitigate these stresses by transitioning toward an electronic airfreight documentation system, Air Cargo World reported. Though the early phases of the program are only approved in Germany at this time, Lufthansa hopes to expand this service to all of its connections by 2015.

"The successful piloting of the [electronic Consignment Security Declaration] process represents a significant increase in the efficiency of airfreight transport in Germany," Thilo Schäfer, vice president of global handling management at Lufthansa Cargo, told the source. "As all the information on the security measures taken is available in electronic form at all times, potential delays and disruptions in the transport process can be significantly reduced for all those involved in the E-freight initiative."

An industry-leading change like this can greatly streamline operations in Europe in the future once it is fully rolled out. Until then, shipping businesses can benefit from a proof of service condition software like CargoSnapshot, which documents the condition of packages during each step of transport.

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