Airfreight volumes rise to 2011 levels

lobal air freight demand increased in June by 1.2 percent, compared to the previous year.

Despite an economic slowdown in China that appears poised to weigh down the global economy, the global air freight market appears to be strengthening. Recent numbers posted on Air Cargo World suggest that this is mostly due to impressive growth in the Middle East.

According to the news source, global air freight demand increased in June by 1.2 percent, compared to the previous year. 

Compared to the 0.9 percent year-over-year growth in May and the 0.1 percent growth during the first half of the year, this is good news.

"Air freight volumes are at their highest since mid-2011, said Tony Tyler, director general and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

However, he added that this news needs to be taken with a grain of salt: "The global economic environment remains weak, and the basis for the acceleration of air cargo growth in June appears to be fragile." 

The two regions with the weakest growth in June were the Asia-Pacific and North America, where demand actually fell. Meanwhile, the Middle East experienced more than a 12 percent bump, while Latin America followed with a 7 percent increase.

In the IATA's Airline Business Confidence Index, 58 percent of respondents said that they expected freight volumes to increase next year.

It's not the strongest endorsement, which is why air freight carriers need to work to boost their supply chain efficiency. They can do this by adopting proof of condition services like CargoSnapshot. Using this service, carriers can take pictures of each individual piece of cargo they transport, tracking them throughout the journey and monitoring them for damage or theft.

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