A look into the high-cost market of luxury car transportation

When it comes to transporting luxury cars, the cost and risk are both high.

Most of the time on this blog, when we discuss cargo and shipments, we're referring to parcels that are transported in manageable containers. However, that isn't always the case.

As Air Cargo World reported earlier this week, there is a group of businesses that deal with the transportation of high-end luxury vehicles, particularly via airfreight. For many companies, handling such expensive cars is a challenge, particularly when trying to avoid and address the repercussions of cargo damage. Unlike with many standard packages, even minor scuffs or imperfections could result in enormous freight claims.

While land-based transportation through the use of car-specific trailers appears to be one of the most popular options for vehicles, certain instances rule it out as an option. For example, when a car needs to be moved across water or over long distances quickly, companies must incorporate airfreight solutions.

"It's time-sensitive," Russell Cason, a Delta Air Lines spokesperson, told Air Cargo World. "They need to get a vehicle quickly to a location. Often times it could be, for example, for a dealer or it could be for an auto show or usually demonstration things. We do a lot of race cars, for example."

However, the cost of air-based transport does come with a staggering price tag. When shipping by boat, the running rate for moving a high-end vehicle can reach an estimated $3,000. But, moving a car by plane can cost a company anywhere from $15,000 to $18,000, according to the article.

In an effort to reduce cargo damages, companies employ methods such as protective wrappings and specialized pallets, so as to avoid even the slightest damage to the finish of the vehicle.

When dealing with the transportation of delicate items such as cars, it's vital for shipping facilities to use technology such as CargoSnapshot to quickly and accurately photograph and catalog any and all damage to  vehicles to ensure your organization has documented proof of condition.

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