Aloha Air Cargo announces air cargo facility consolidation

Aloha Air Cargo is consolidating operations in Hawaii to allow for more efficiency.

Now that the global air freight market is experiencing recent growth, airports around the world that see a lot of cargo pass through are planning expansions and consolidations to streamline the supply chain and keep up with demand.

In Hawaii, the Aloha Air Cargo airline is taking advantage of the opportunity to grow. According to a recent article on Air Cargo World, the carrier is moving its operations—including cargo, airplane maintenance and support services—to one new facility at the Honolulu International Airport.

The $12 million, 66,000-square-foot facility is expected to be finished in early 2014, according to the article. By providing easier access to certain areas, such as the warehouse and refrigeration, the new facility will allow Aloha Air Cargo to speed up its operations and, eventually, expand.

"We're primarily a local cargo operation that ships freight interisland within the state," Michael Orozco, director of sales and marketing at Aloha Air Cargo, said. "But there's so much opportunity outside of the state. This facility will allow us to have the resources and the process flow that will lend to our expansion outside of the state." He added that the carrier moves about 70 percent of its cargo within Hawaii, but the market is not growing fast enough to focus solely on the state.

Currently, the carrier operates out of a 30-year-old facility that was only supposed to be temporary, Orozco said.

Streamlining operations also gives carriers the opportunity to improve their efficiency in other ways. One such method is the adoption of proof of condition services like CargoSnapshot. Such a system allows carriers to keep track of each piece of cargo, ensuring that any damage is properly noted.

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